Indiana line MIO SUB - CORAL Indiana Line
Indiana line MIO SUB - CORAL Indiana Line
Indiana line MIO SUB - CORAL Indiana Line

Indiana line MIO SUB

Marque: CORAL Indiana Line

Code de produit: Indiana line MIO SUB

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Indiana line MIO SUB

You will be pleasantly surprised by the performance of this compact active subwoofer, born to complement the low-frequency extension of small loudspeakers equipped with three or four inches woofer. The internal amplifier has the required controls for the correct interface with other components of the audio system and the listeningroom . The double reflex duct, located at the back of the cabinet, minimizes turbulence in the air flow. The limited dimensions, combined with the clean and refined design of the chassis , make it easy to insert it into any kind of furniture. Mio Sub is finished in matte black vinyl.


active subwoofer
178 mm speaker diameter
twin reflex port
AB-Class amplifier
50 watt nominal power
80 watt max power
40 ÷ 180 hertz frequency response
40 ÷ 180 hertz crossover frequency
220 ÷ 240 volt power supply
80 watt max power consumption
<0.5 watt stand-by consumption
230 x 250 x 255 (h) mm – 5.9 kg

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